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Last Exit to Nowhere
The end is extremely fucking nigh.
It's not easy being human 
24th-May-2012 11:22 pm
“I was a good child. I did my homework, ate my vegetables, kissed my mother goodnight. I was patient. I was kind. But I’m starting to think that good things don’t actually come to those who wait. We behaved as well as we could for as long as we could. And now, it’s time to try something else. We came screaming into this world. How can we possibly leave it without a fight?”

“Freedom is just a pretty way of saying that you’ve gone off the grid. For better or for worse, you’re out of options. But we call it freedom. We write songs about it. You probably crank them in your car and never thought about it much. Some people think it’s exhilarating not having your future mapped out. Others start to drown in all that nothing. Maybe you’ll enjoy for a moment the purity of doing what you want, when you want. Beer for breakfast, sex in the afternoon. But obligations sneak up…duty, moral code. Some of us are wired to put ourselves back into cages. Freedom is just that moment of calm before the dread sets in. Because no matter what you freed yourself from, you only get so far down the open road, car windows down, music blasting, before you’re forced to take a turn, make a choice, and sentence yourself to the next adventure.”
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