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Last Exit to Nowhere
The end is extremely fucking nigh.
21st-Mar-2012 11:47 pm
I didn't really put much thought into applying for universities/scholarships, since I figured that I would require an extensive portfolio and/or extra curricular activities' backing (which I do not possess) in addition to my grades, I wouldn't stay a chance in getting a place in overseas universities, much less receive a scholarship from them. So a few weeks ago I was called up to have an interview with my school's director in regards to whether if I should receive an award during the graduation ceremony. They asked me about what I planned for the future; if I wanted to further my studies and if so, what universities do I have in mind. To be honest, before my course manager notified me of the interview, I didn't expect to win anything, because there was another girl that was way more talented than I am in every aspect (juggling numerous CCAs, perfect GPAs, how do I beat that?). So when the question was raised, I was stumped. I immediately regretted not doing more homework (they kept insisting that we were going to have an "informal chat". Yeah right.) I couldn't possibly tell them that I'm not confident of getting into overseas universities with just my grades, so I told a more polished (read: bullshit) version of my reason.

After the interview, I was thinking, "why not just try applying? There's no harm in that." I have almost another year to prepare a more satisfactory portfolio and since I've already gotten a job (teaching primary & secondary kids video production, the company will be training me in another softwares as well), I would have another skill to put in my application. So hopefully, this plan would work out for me.


The past few months wasn't the easiest. I've lost and regain my trust for you. And I hope that I won't lose it again.
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